Our logo

Our logo was created by the talented young designer Emily Prade.


Responsibility: It is not the same as morality or ethics. It is a stance that one continually reaffirms in a world that seems to sometimes accelerate and shake our values.

Responsible (in French, responsable): This describes a person who firmly accepts the consequences that his or her actions (or his or her failure to act) have on others and on society—a person who acts consistently in all situations.

Plagiarism and scientific fraud are nothing more than an irresponsible duplication that adds no value in terms of knowledge creation.
• The arc on which the word “responsable” rests represents the earth, but also a determination that stretches between the past and the future.

• The letters represent those who pass on genuine knowledge.

• The circle at the center is that knowledge.

• A pebble can bring it to a standstill. It is a small dark ball, the mirror image of knowledge, underneath it and slightly to the side. “To the side because” it comes after the original creation; “slightly” because plagiarism comes to light only by chance.