CARFIA – Bucharest


The  Center for Action, Resources, Training on Integrity is affiliated with the University of Bucharest.

On November 16-17, 2018, at the invitation of the University of Bucharest, the International Institute for Research and Action on Academic Fraud and Plagiarism (IRAFPA), from Geneva, represented by its president, Professor Michelle Bergadaà, Professor Pierre-Jean Benghozi, and Professor Hervé Maisonneuve,gave a two days conference on the central problems of Academic Integrity. The conference took place in the Mihail Kogălniceanu Conference Hall of the University of Bucharest and was organized by the Center of Actions, Resources, and Training for Academic Integrity (CARFIA) of the University of Bucharest, coordinated by Professor Marian Popescu, advisor for Romania at IRAFPA.

This conference was designed by CARFIA in order to develop the expertise exchange between the members of the University of Bucharest and IRAFPA, and to open the training process for the integrity advisors in the academic environment from Romania and the institutional certification of the University of Bucharest. The lectures and the debates of the conference touched fundamental problems of academic integrity, both at a general level, by theoretical considerations, and at a concrete level, by study cases. The participants from the University of Bucharest (academic staff, professors and students) highly appreciated and manifested a real interest for the topics discussed, acknowledging thus the importance of academic integrity for the entire academic environment. All these things made the activities dynamic and led to substantial and fruitful debates for all the participants.

CARFIA was founded by the decision of the Senate of the University of Bucharest from February 21, 2018, and is directly subordinated to the Rector of the University. It is an active operator in the academic community on four levels, namely: Research, Resources, Training and Action. CARFIA’s main aim is to raise the level of awareness and knowledge of the members of the academic community with respect to the issue of the academic fraud prevention, by developing and implementing the practices and instruments of the academic integrity area at the level of the faculties and departments of the University. CARFIA and its members support and promote, in the academic community and in the public sphere, the underlying values of academic integrity: Honesty, Correctness, Respect, Trust, Responsibility, and Courage.

(The conference was financed through the project Quality, integrity, and transparency CNFIS-FDI-2018-0165)

Programme 16-17 November 2018

Friday 16 November 2018

9.30-10.00       Introduction and introduction of participants

University of Bucharest welcome speech: vice-rector, prof. Liviu Papadima
Opening speeches for Conference’s sessions: Vice-rectors Laurențiu Leuștean, Magdalena Platis

10.00-10.45: Academic Plagiarism and Fraud: The IRAFPA Institute – Speaker: Prof. Michelle Bergadaà, Chair of the IRAFPA
11.00-11.45: Commitment of Responsible Bodies – Speaker: Prof. Michelle Bergadaà, Chair of the IRAFPA
13.30-14.00: Internal and external communication – Speaker: Prof.Michelle Bergadaà,Chair of the IRAFPA
14.00-14.30: Case Study: Master Cop
14.45-15.30: What are the challenges of globalization and digitalization? – Speaker:  Prof.  Pierre-Jean Benghozi, Ecole polytechnique, Paris
15.30-16.15 : Accountable institutions: The certification of “institutional referents” of IRAFPA and the development of institutional action plans – Speaker:  Prof.  Pierre-Jean Benghozi, École polytechnique, Paris
16.15-17.00: General discussion -Speaker: Marian Popescu

Saturday 17 November 2018 – Practical implementation

9.30-10.00: Investigative protocol: Evidence files and use of plagiarism detection software – Speakers: Prof. Michelle Bergadaà and Prof. Pierre-Jean Benghozi
10.00-10.30: Set up and conduct commissions of inquiry – Speaker:  Prof. Pierre-Jean Benghozi, École polytechnique, Paris
10.30 – 11.00: Publishers and Ethics – Speaker: Hervé Maisonneuve
11.15-11.45: General conclusion – Speaker: Marian Popescu