Plan 4 – Encouraging proper use of the Internet

Published on 03/05/2007


Students are not well prepared for documentary research. When they get to university, their understanding of bibliographic referencing is incomplete or non-existent. They have often used the Internet for their prior schoolwork but have confused the Lego-type assembly of a text with genuine intellectual production.

They usually honestly have only a general idea of how to correctly cite a work. They therefore have to be taught how to carry out documentary research using databases and the Internet and how to cite; they have to be taught to respect copyright and scientific deontology with respect to the citing of documents.

While libraries are being neglected by students who find documentary research tedious, all good libraries are eager to evolve with the new century and to take up fully the challenges of the Internet.


• Involve the libraries. They are at the heart of the university system of knowledge, and they can put specific tools into place.

• Create a required course. At least one day is necessary, under the supervision of librarians, to teach students documentary research, a critical approach to sources, the logic behind citations, etc.

• Create fun teaching tools to teach students how to cite properly.